Inktober for oct2! Finished a sketch started in late july :)

My first contributions to the hxh fandom for the meme prompt on twitter

My first drawing for inktober and also to fill the short shorts prompt on twitter o|<

Trying to do a drawing a week, so heres this weeks!

Kinjou ink and kinjou colour!
The colour is done with watercolour pencils mainly, and a little bit of conte, i just wanted to try something o|


Soft grunge makishima for last nights ywpd_69mins on twitter! Finished colouring it today with conte


York Fantasy, March 2014
Video parody

ANYWAY! This is a video Katherine, Naseera and myself worked on for school! We are sooo happy with the result and I can’t believe it took me so long to link it over here
Our assignment was very open, and our chosen topic was video games.  Initially we wanted to parody as many video games as we possibly could and involve a lot of cosplay! However, we had too many ideas! Our video ended up being a lot longer than anticipated and a lot had to be cut regardless of what we wanted! I hope you guys enjoy it!
Special thanks to our studio monitors (i don’t know both tumblrs sorry!) and to a friend of mine for lending us some of his props :)


my cousin asked me on the weekend to do one of my old ocs, Hamano, in palette 17 :)

quickly googles “spider flowers”

(i think this is a lot bigger than i anticipated to to be on tumblr)

Some face doodles uou

crummy quality doodle that will maybe make holly feel little better

crummy quality doodle that will maybe make holly feel little better

people all handle the cold differently

brec in pink

Untitled, February 2014
video art

first assignment for a video art class, we shot in groups (and i still feel bad about not being present when most of the filming got done u_u) and edited alone to create our own videos of our campus.
As a group we wanted to focus on the art building, and I chose for mine to be more of a showcase of art pieces found around.

I got the song off of, and there’s a credit at the end of the video for the name of the song and the artist